Each year, we offer individuals and small businesses the opportunity of sponsoring weekly cleanings, weeding and watering programs on our malls. GARDENERS are listed in all Murray Hill Publications throughout the year showing our gratitude.

GARDENERS ($500 – $1499) (2017)
Bartow Insurance
Church of the Incarnation
Christina Coleman & Coleture Group
Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
Philip and Cheryl Greenberg
Rodney Hilburn
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hochberg
Interiors by John Chadwick
Kanaris Contracting
Knockout Renovation
Mark and Josephine Mansour
Metropolitan Commercial Bank
Ann B. Newman, Morgan Stanley
Sanford Hall Carpeting
Theodore Alexander, Inc.

We are in the middle of our Fund-Raising Campaign for 2018. Ask your landlord or your Board of Directors if they have contributed to their full extent. IF they have not, please urge them to do so. …..and if you would like to join us, please become a GARDENER. It is a wonderful way to show your support to our beautiful historic community.