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Our historic neighborhood is threatened by the recent proposal from the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) to build a ventilation plant for the subway line that runs beneath Park Avenue below Grand Central Station.  We all use the city’s subway system and want it to be safe, but this construction would jeopardize the health, quality of life, and property values of everyone in the area— residents, medical/dental offices, hotels, consulates, and small businesses—for years to come.

Please visit to learn more. No funds are required. We just want to build a strong and inclusive neighborhood team so that our concerns are heard by the government officials who have the power to influence policy.  Please email us at or use the contact form on the website. We’ll add you to our mailing list

November 2016 Update for the Proposed MTA Emergency Ventilation Plant Project:


The Patrons of Park Avenue and the Murray Hill Neighborhood Association show their
solidarity with France, our oldest ally, after the Paris shootings and the Nice massacre.

Summer Streets on Park Avenue

Fourth of July on Park Avenue


 Restoration and repair of our Historic Iron Fencing


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